Review: After Hours by Cara McKenna

Thursday, September 1
My rating:

 A dangerous infatuation with a rough and ready man…

Erin Coffey has been a nurse for years, but nothing’s prepared her for the physical and emotional demands of her new position. Needing to move closer to her dysfunctional family, she takes a dangerous job at Larkhaven Psychiatric Hospital, where she quickly learns that she needs protection—and she meets the strong, over-confident coworker who’s more than willing to provide it.

Kelly Robak is the type of guy that Erin has sworn she’d never get involved with. She’s seen firsthand, via her mess of a sister, what chaos guys like him can bring into a woman’s life. But she finds herself drawn to him anyway, even when he shows up at her door, not eager to take no for an answer.

What Erin finds even more shocking than Kelly’s indecent proposal is how much she enjoys submitting to his every command. But he can’t play the tough guy indefinitely. If they want to have more than just an affair, both will have to open up and reveal what they truly need.

Quote…He told me things without uttering a syllable. The kisses behind my ear said, You’ll give me anything I want tonight. The palm heating my sex added, And anything you don’t offer, I’ll take.

What I loved:

- Kelly, obviously. Cara McKenna writes an alpha hero to perfection - all bossy and dominating, strong, in control, and not afraid to go after what he wants. He was delicious!
- I liked how the patients in Kelly & Erin's ward were painted with compassion. I felt like I was getting an intelligent insight, instead of a bunch of caricatures of crazy people. I really appreciated that. I loved that the patients were a part of the story, and not just a plot device.
- I think this book has one of the most well thought out, detailed and drawn out sex scenes I've ever read. Ms McKenna writes amazing raunch!

What I didn’t love:

- Erin was a dickhead. I couldn't find any good qualities - and believe me, I searched. I don't want to hate the heroine.
But, I lost track of how many times she threw Kelly's tastes back in his face, to push him away. Like - if someone is open and honest with you about what they want, don't be a dick about it. And you're not fooling anyone with your hard-to-get schtick. She was so far on the wrong side of the feisty vs. bitchy line she couldn't even see it anymore. But who does she call every. single. time. she needs something?
Car broken down? You could call a tow truck... or a mechanic. Or you could call Kelly, let him get in a fight to protect you, then argue with him, insult him, and slam the door in his face when he drives your ass home and offers to fix your car for free.
Need directions to the hospital? Oh my God, call anyone. Or, call the guy who you've just lashed out at and belittled and generally been your basic bitch self with, like he's the only person who knows where the damned hospital is. Lame ass victim.
She couldn't be honest about her emotions one time - and Kelly gave her opportunities. And her complaining! Jesus, that woman could whine. 

Willing Victim is still my favourite CmcK book so far, but this one is a close second. If I didn't want to slap Erin so hard, it would definitely be a 5 star read for me!
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