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Saturday, September 24

I avoided Regency Romance for a long time. Too old fashioned, too ponce-y, too blah, and didn't they not bathe for like weeks at a time? ThanksI'llpass. And to make matters worse - I didn't know there were sexy times in Regency!

No, I mean... I'm not thick. Based on the earth's population, and the fact that England and Scotland weren't bred off the map, I knew people back then had sexy times. I just didn't think anyone would be writing about them.

Anywho. I was wrong about Regency Romances. Blissfully wrong. The stories can have depth and drama, mystery and intrigue, plots and character afflictions that would probably get someone jailed nowadays. 

If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to give these goodies a try - you won't be disappointed. These are what I read when I'm in the mood for some good old Lords & Ladies, Rakes & Scoundrels-type dirty.
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