Week 7: Social Media for Backlinking

Friday, August 19

What do you love the most about having a blog?

For me, it's community. Sharing what I love, chatting with people who love those things, getting new ideas. I love all that. Part of loving all that, is taking advantage of all the gems and jewels the internet has to offer, when it comes to the things you love.

I love books, and pretty designs, and trying to make myself smarter. As such, I'm on Goodreads, Pinterest, Creative Market, Envato, and about a bazillion other forums that quench my brain-thirst.

Kiri, I hear you ask. What the shit does this have to do with a title like Backlinking 101.

Well, my friends... I'm glad you asked. It turns out, backlinking is easy once you know what it is. Back when I actually knew what I was doing, it was called incoming linking. Or in-linking. Because long.

First things first: 
A backlink is where an external site (eg. not yours) links to yours. Backlinks are important because search bots crawl through links, and if there are no links, they won't get anywhere. So the aim of the game is to get bots crawling through links on quality, relevant sites, to your blog (or website... wherever you want them.)

Second things second:

The aim of the game is not a sheer quantity of links. You don't need hundreds, or thousands, of backlinks to get noticed. In fact, if they come from orphan pages, or just generally shit pages that have no bearing on your blog, they do nothing. It's a bit like people. If a handful of great people like you, you are probably great. If the only people who like you are a bunch of losers... you might just be a dick. Google sees this, and judges you harshly. Don't be that guy.

Third things third:

Don't buy backlinks. You can build them slowly, 1 at a time, and still have a more positive impact on your blog than 1,000 bought backlinks. There's a reason you can buy software to rid your site of damaging backlinks. They hurt your blog. Buy a book instead.

And fourth thing fourth:
If you follow one tip over the whole 52 weeks I'll be doing this - make it this one.

So there - you've made a start.

You've added your blog address to your profile on all the sites you love. Most member sites have a field in your profile specifically for your website. I added my website to every member site I actually use: Goodreads, Creative Market, Envato, Google+, Amazon, Etsy, TradeMe (NZ only), Pinterest, Instagram & *sigh* Facebook. If that sigh was a little defeatist, it's because I don't like Facebook. But my FB friends are my real life friends so, obviously, I interact with them more than anyone else.

Now you go about your business - liking the things you like, commenting on the things you want to comment on, just generally being the glorious social butterfly that you are when it comes to your passion.

Anyway, what do you think? Have you tried this now? In my own (very non-scientific) research, I've noticed I'm popping up a lot more in generic book searches than I used to. I'm not on page 1 of Google unless I type my name in (and I don't do that a ridiculous amount) but it's a start.

Oh my God - this is exactly what I'm trying to say! Check it out, it's super helpful.

Credit: Youtube. Video by Lazy Ass Stoner
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