Review: Their Little Girl by L.J. Anderson

Monday, August 22
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What I loved:
The last eight months of Erica's life haven't been easy. She's been struggling to keep her grades up and dealing with the fact that her mother abandoned her, leaving her all alone with two gorgeous men, Daddy and David – Erica's stepfather and his adopted son.

The last thing Erica wants is to be a burden on either of them, so she keeps up with her studies, and does her best to make sure their home is clean and tidy.

Now that it's time for Erica's high school graduation, Daddy and David have planned a graduation gift for Erica, a very special reward their little girl will never forget – the chance to be with two men at the same time.


Smutty taboo goodness for stepdaddy fans. Since this was a short story, I figured it would be a good foray into a genre I don't normally read.

What I loved:
- This is smutty goodness, so you can expect the dirty dirtty to be hot. L.J definitely doesn't disappoint - she writes raunch well. I loved the way her male characters talked.
- It's a quick, hot, dirty read (100-ish pages) and the majority of that is either fucking, or watching someone fucking. Not a lot of wasted plot, which is awesome because lets face is - you don't read it for the plot. A bit of backstory on their relationships, and then bam! Into it.

What I didn’t love:
- Erica has just graduated high school, and has nowhere to go if her stepfather throws her out. Her mother has already bailed on her, and he was kind of all she had left. I'm just gonna say it - what was she supposed to do? Say no?

Since reading Fallen Too Far, I've been amazed by how much of a thing the step-family romance genre is. If it's your thing, L.J. Anderson has your back. I liked the epilogue leaving things open for a sequel... it'd be interesting to hear more about these 3.
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