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Wednesday, August 10
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The New York Times bestselling author of Rendezvous presents a spellbinding new Regency historical destined to be a hot beach read this summer. Moving from the cozy confines of a tiny seaside village named Upper Biddleton to the glittering crush of a fashionable London soiree, Quick offers an enthralling tale of a mismatched couple poised to discover the rapture of love.

RAVISHED is a retelling of the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast.


Well, well, well. Amanda Quick...


Gideon & Harriet were the couple I never knew I could hope for! They surprised me at every turn...

What I loved:
- When I read, I always think I know what's going to happen next. Hero's nemesis corners heroine in the library - of course the hero is going to walk in and his insecurities will get the better of him. Cue ensuing drama and pain. Hero is the target of cruel gossip about how he treats women - of course the heroine is going to believe it. Cue ensuing pain and drama.

Not this book. I was so wrong - so many times! Blissfully wrong!


Gideon & Harriet trust each other. They understand each other. It was spectacular to read.

- Harriet is fantastic. She is passionate, intelligent, transparent, and loyal. The scene in the ballroom when she defends her man's honour - I loved it. Couldn't have loved it harder if I tried.
- Gideon was so misunderstood, and so hurt by how he'd been treated. I really felt for him, and Harriet was just the perfect woman for him. I was so happy AQ gave them each other.
- As much as I loved Harriet, her stubborn streak got her into more than one stupid situation. Fortunately, both her and Gideon acknowledge that, so I could move on. Nothing frustrates me more than a stupid character who I am expected to pat on the head and humour. Most of the time I want to punch them, or DNF, or burn my Kindle. But I didn't get any of those burning desires here.
"But you know as well as I do that sometimes your plans do not always go perfectly. Bear in mind what happened that night in the cavern, all because you did not take me into your confidence."
"The only time my plans go awry, madam, is when you interfere with them," Gideon said evenly.
-Harriet & Gideon
- So... I'm a nerd. I can own that. As such - I really enjoyed the fossil backdrop of the story. Throughout everything I was thinking It's a dinosaur, right? She found a dinosaur? Over dinner, I actually wanted to discuss fossils and I almost googled Upper Biddleton to see if dinosaurs were discovered there. FYI, Upper Biddleton isn't real. Fuck it all.
- The realistic way his family healed their relationship. It wasn't one fantastical moment of fireworks, it was just... natural. Real. Believable.
- The romance was hot.
- Some of the peripheral characters were lovely. Felicity was adorable & vivacious. Fry & Applegate made me smile. 
"Do not move, Miss Pomeroy," Applegate commanded bravely. "I will not let this blackguard touch you. I shall defend you with every drop of my blood."
"And it will be my pleasure to assist Lord Applegate in protecting you, m'dear," Fry announced loudly. "We shall both defend you with every drop of Applegate's blood."

What I didn’t love:

- It was a dinosaur, right? Why is Amanda Quick withholding this information from me? I hope it was a dinosaur. Or a wooly mammoth! But then she would have found tusks. It's totally a dinosaur.

I haven't read a couple like this before. Amanda Quick kept me guessing, second guessing, and inevitably I surrendered myself to her genius. This book makes me so happy. A billion stars

Yeah, it was totally a dinosaur. But what brand??

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  1. Lovely review hun :) I loved this book too!

  2. Oh I liked the book, hated the heroine and loved your review

    1. Lots of people found her super bossy, right? And THANK YOU, I'm glad you liked it ♥


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