Review: Dick by Scott Hildreth

Friday, August 19

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What I loved:
The day I met Dick I instantly knew four things. One, he was as handsome of a man as I had ever seen. Two, he was filthy rich. Three, he was a dick. And four, he was *ahem* gifted.

In time I learned much more about him.

Things that would have made most women run away.

But I’m not most women. So, instead of running away, I ran in his direction.

Dick didn’t have a place for a woman in his life. He was a bad boy. Not a wannabe bad boy that tried to act the part. Oh no, he was the real deal. Money. Guns. Fast cars. Cops always one step behind him…

On our first date, while in his Ferrari, we got into a high-speed chase with the police.

That was only the beginning.

From there, things only got better.

Or worse.

I guess that depends on who you are, and what you’re afraid of.

Me? I wasn’t afraid of Dick, his manner of living life, or his dickish ways.

I wanted him to be mine.

But, with a man like Dick, things are never easy.

My name’s Jess.

This story’s mine - although I’ll never admit to it in a court of law.

"Every time you ask me that, something crazy happens," I said.
"Welcome to my life."
I didn't know if he meant it to be a formal invitation, but I took it as one.
And, I was

What I loved:
- There were times when I was reading this that I snort-laughed out loud. A lot of those times. Jess, especially, was hilarious. Her internal dialogue and the way she processed information and situations was funny as fuck.
Quote…Working for a living sucked big fat dicks. Deep within me, a little rich girl resided, all I lacked was the resources.

And this little ripper...
Quote…Fuck you and your cinnamon house.

My new favourite phrase. Thank you, Scott Hildreth!
- Dick really is a dick. Like, he doesn't change - it isn't an act - it isn't a defense mechanism. He is just that much of an asshole. But he's also protective, and a little bit of a sweetheart. I thought that was delicious!
Quote…Dick pulled out his gun. "If those motherfuckers hit you or my cat..."

Speaking of the cat - I loved everything about him being attacked by it. Men with pets are hot. And when that pet is a leopard? Well, shit.
- And what I really loved about this book was that SH put into words the good asshole vs. bad asshole dilemma. Jess & Dick's relationship, and her attraction to him, was so eloquently thought out. It wasn't borderline abusive, I wasn't side-eying them like bro, this is super unhealthy. It was fantastic.
- SH's characters are always rich, complex, and real. These ones are no exception.
- This one had a lot of mystery, drama and intrigue. I was forming opinions from the first page, and frantically devouring chapters trying to out-think Dick & Jess. I really should have had more faith in SH... he created this whole story world brilliantly. And I was hooked from the beginning, because of the mystery, the humour, the intrigue, the hotness that is Dick, and the way Jess delivered lines like this out of the blue...
Quote…As he slid out of the booth, his biceps flared through his shirt. "Bring me my tab."God damn, you're sexy.
(...)There were a few things I didn't have any business doing.
One of them was drinking tequila.
The other was being in the presence of a criminal.
But only one was a stipulation of my probation.

- The epilogue is more than I could have ever wished for. I was highfiving myself at 1 in the morning (quietly, because I already woke him up twice with my snort-laughing), so deliriously happy with how things turned out for these two. Gah. Just... spectacular.

What I didn’t love:
- The cover model isn't my type. He looks like JT or some kid my brother picked on at school. Neither of those things are my thing. I read somewhere that a cover with a man's body and no face is more appealing... clearly us women are a shallow lot :) But I can see the appeal now, and it's something I'd never noticed before. Anyway, my copy was part of the Fuck Books collection, so I didn't see that model until I came to write my review just now.

Hard, BRAWLER and this one have my heart. Let the SH binge read continue!
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