Review: Brawler by Scott Hildreth

Friday, August 19

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What I loved: 

All men suck! They lie, cheat, and break women's hearts. I'd all but given up on relationships when I met Ethan Harlow, a drop-dead gorgeous boxer at Kidd's Gym.

He was sexy, muscular, tattooed, and talented.

So, I decided to give boxing - and men - one last try.

My name is Jaz. I'm a boxer. This story is about my rise to fame, all the while doing the two things I enjoyed more than anything on earth.

Fucking and fighting.

Along the way, however, I found out a little about love.


Yes. So much yes!


What I loved:
- Jaz. For me, she's the ultimate ass kicking heroine. Here I go ranting about the fine line between bitchy and feisty, stubborn and stupid, but I can't help it. SH keeps Jaz on the awesome side of that line through everything. She is tenacious and driven, and I love how her vulnerable side is slowly and subtly revealed. SH writes fantastically strong women.
- This. Writing like this through the whole book. Perfect.
Quote…I bit into my bottom lip and mentally prepared for the sexual beating I'd been hoping for.
Ethan didn't disappoint.
I felt like I was losing my virginity - again - and I loved it.
Blazing a brand new path down a previously travelled road, he thrust his way deep into my memory bank. Leaving a permanent mental impression with each savage thrust, he pounded every inch of himself into me without reservation.
Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

So... yeah. I'm a fan.
- I love how loyal SH characters are. He takes the time to build and cement all the relationships - not just his main couple. Everyone in the story plays a valuable part, and when it comes to their family and friends I come to treasure them all.
- Ethan was... calm? No, that's a terrible choice of word. Like - if Jaz was one of those roman candle fireworks you get at New Years, Ethan was lava. They were both heat. Oh, the heat! but Ethan was rocksteady, smooth, unshakeable, eternal. It didn't hurt that he was also a sexy muthafucka.
- Kelsey was just awesome. I love this type of character.

What I didn’t love:
- Yeah, I've got nothing for you here.

Loved the fights, loved the smut, loved the love, loved the family & loyalty & friendship Scott Hildreth built. Delicious in every way!
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