Monday Goodness: Logo design

Monday, August 8

I have a sneaky addiction.

I don't talk about it, I obsess over it for hours, I lose track of time, I lose interest in other things, and I check when our credit card statement comes through so I know the damage before I deal with the fallout.

Creative Market. Gah. It's so good.

You would think, and rightfully so, that being a bookworm would be a costly hobby on it's own. But, since I have rekindled my very unrequited romance with Creative Market, I will now have to sacrifice another luxury in the name of the things I love. Maybe food?

Anywho - you're not here to listen to my sensible budgeting plan. You're here for design goodness!

I actually found The Humongous Girlpreneurs Logo Pack by accident. I already have a logo (why am I even telling you that? You're on my blog. You've seen it. Sorry.)

I was actually looking for some kind of tool to help with SEO. Creative Market doesn't offer those, but because I don't seem capable of closing a Creative Market tab, I kept looking. For the good of my blog, of course.

Anyway, so Worn Out Media Co. is the baby of Mats-Peter Forss, and the force behind The Humongous Girlpreneurs Logo Pack. He's designed 175 pre-made logos for your enjoyment. Literally, have Photoshop, will travel. You just download the free fonts in your browser, open your chosen file in PS, and get cracking.

On a side note, one of the font download links requires you to sign up. It might be PixelBuddha. As always, you can unsubscribe to the font service later. Yep, just checked - it's PixelBuddha.

Since I have a logo (sorry, again, for telling you shit you already know) I decided to play around and make logos for my favourite characters of 2016 to see how it do its thang. Since most of my favourite characters, now that I've looked closely, don't have actual jobs - I made them up. But it gives you some idea of the goodness you can come up with, with this pack.

What I loved:
- 175 lovingly pre-packaged designs, ready for your use. You can't not love that. My favourites were 20 & 21, to the extent that I might trade my logo in for 21.

- 70+ high res textures, that are easy to use (just add clipping mask) and pretty to look at. I love Rose Gold Rough, Rough Mint and 97% Black.

What I didn’t love:
- I don't know if you can see it... I've been using Photoshop since those in the know called it by it's codename: Venus in Furs. FYI, I was not in the know. Anyway, fast forward 18 years and for the life of me I cannot get the fonts to stay smooth in these designs... even without editing. Sure, I could use Illustrator, but I'm trying to make this a PS project... so why?
- The glitter textures look a bit dated to me. I wish there'd been something else instead of those. Having said that, I've complained about textures before and been handed my ass by someone who used it to perfection. So there you go. This is just my opinion.

If you're familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, this is a damned fine pack to add to your collection. If you know sweet F.A. about Illustrator, you might need to beta test your logo before use to avoid resizing issues further down the track.
I paid USD$27 on... erm... yesterday, or the day before. I think thats a lot. However, I spent $170 on a jar of glorified coconut oil for my dog, and $10 on the sweatpants I'm wearing as we speak. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

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