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Sunday, July 10

I love weeks like this - lots of free time, and nowhere to go because it's been pissing down with rain. All. Week. It's the perfect excuse to make a dent in the mountain of books I want to get through this year. I hear you - 6 books, Kiri - don't get ahead of yourself. 'Tis a long way to go until I make any kind of dent in my book mountain, but it's a start and I'm running with it.

So what have we got?

By far my best book of the week was Fortune is a Woman - this novel has a piece of my heart. If Epic reads are your thing - I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Multi-generational, girl-power stuff.

If I could do it all over, I'd still have read this, but I've got no love for Deviant . You can read my review - that rant explains my feelings with all the clarity I could muster. I try to review a novel as soon as I've finished, and then publish my review once I've re-read my blabbering a few days later.

(Ideally, I'd give you some links to my reviews now. Erm... I don't know how to do that. Sorry!

Talk soon,

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