Week 2: 5 Quick Tips to Blogging Goodness

Friday, July 15

Right! Time to get amongst it.

I've read so many blogging blogs this week - my bookmarks sidebar is daunting. But it's ok, because I found so many amazing ideas, and so much advice. I love how much people are willing to share on their blogs for free.

Incidentally, I've decided I'm not going to utilise any tips I have to pay for over the next 51 weeks. I mean, every piece of advice has it's place, but I want to share the most accessible tips I can find - and if you've got to pay for them they aren't going to be accessible to, like... most people. Another reason I made this momentous decision is because if I'm paying for the advice, I can't share it on here for free, can I?

Or can I? 

No, I'm guessing not. I'm not even going to ask.

This week, the advice I've followed was on Seriously, Sarah's blog, and the actual tips are right here.

If you want to flick over there, I'll wait here - otherwise, here's my nutshell version. Basically, Sarah says...
  1. Make it easy for your readers to share your posts: Add sharing buttons. 
  2. Sort of a flow on from #1: Adjust the settings of the sharing buttons 
  3. Make it easy for your readers to see your Greatest Hits: Have a Start Here page with your favourite posts, or have your favourite posts in the sidebar.
  4. Introduce yourself: Have a short About Me blurb on your blog - and an in-depth About Me page.
  5. Be social: Have your social media buttons at the top of your sidebar, so people can find them.
So here's how I implemented Seriously, Sarah's advice...

1. I was quite fortunate that my Blogger theme came with sharing buttons built-in at the bottom of each post. You can see them if you scroll down. So we are a go on sharing buttons.
2. I'm assuming this step was a flow on from step 1, since (with my template) clicking the share button credits my blog.
So you know: I shared my own post to check that this all worked fine. I didn't know where it had gone, so I figured there was an error. 11 times I tried to share it, until one of my girlfriends text me saying 'I get it, you like that book. Stop spamming me now.'
Moral of the story: check your sharing settings. And check Facebook before you assume your button is a dud.
3. I added a widget for Popular Posts, which I love. It has a really cool design, and does that (I don't know what to call it) slow-fade-in visual effect. I hope this is the same as a favourite posts. Is it?
4. Check, and almost-check. I'm building my About Me page as we speak.
5. Again, my template came with these. But I've checked all my social media stuff is pointing to the right place, so people can find me.

So these are the tips I've used this week! You can get more info from Seriously, Sarah's blog, and there are some other really good posts I've been reading. Chances are high I'll be soaking up her advice like a sponge for the next 7 days.

Have these quick tips helped you? How else have you been growing your blog?

Ok, talk soon xx

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