Wolf (The Henchmen MC, #3) by Jessica Gadziala

Wednesday, June 8
My rating:
5 Stars…

What I loved:

The Henchmen return to finally give us Wolf & Janie’s story.

He was just supposed to be saving her from herself… and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what she had done.

What he hadn’t planned on was her invading every aspect of his life with her fiery temper and inability to take no for an answer. And when he finally got beneath her walls and found out why she had gotten herself into trouble in the first place, he knew what he needed to do.

He sure as hell didn’t think he would end up being the one who would need saving…


Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

What I loved:
- Wolf's backstory. Actually, probably anything Wolf did, I loved.
- So, this story is darker than either of the previous books in the series. I'm fine with dark, if it has impact. Sometimes I feel that authors' throw bad things into their plot for shock value, which actually has the opposite effect. With JG's writing, the darkness is so personal, so graphic, so uniquely worded that she can make a massive impact without it seeming contrived. Anyway - what I'm saying is: The darkness in the story actually made me love the characters more.
- Janie. She's so smart, and a total crusader for her causes.
- I'm starting to sense a theme with this series (and hopefully, with all JG books!). All the leading women are not built like barbies. Some are pear shaped. Some are straight up and down, and flat chested. Some are tall and skinny. Some are short and 'plump.' And all are strong, kickass, intelligent women, with their own spirit and their own mind.

What I didn’t love:
- Nothing. Everything about this book was awesome, to me. I got depressed when I saw I only had 30 pages to go.

I rated Cash a 5 star and adored it. But Wolf's story was even better! I haven't read Reign or Repo yet but they are next on my list. Come on Jessica Gadziala - so far you've not let me down!!!
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