Kulti by Mariana Zapata

Saturday, July 23
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Trust me, I’ve wanted to punch you in the face a time or five.”

When the man you worshipped as a kid becomes your coach, it’s supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. Keywords: supposed to.

It didn’t take a week for twenty-seven-year-old Sal Casillas to wonder what she’d seen in the international soccer icon—why she’d ever had his posters on her wall, or ever envisioned marrying him and having super-playing soccer babies.

Sal had long ago gotten over the worst non-break-up in the history of imaginary relationships with a man that hadn’t known she’d existed. So she isn’t prepared for this version of Reiner Kulti who shows up to her team’s season: a quiet, reclusive, shadow of the explosive, passionate man he’d once been.

Nothing could have prepared her for the man she got to know.

Or the murderous urges he brought out in her.

“Sal, please don’t make me visit you in jail. Orange isn’t your color.”

This was going to be the longest season of her life.


Didn't hate it, didn't like it, didn't get into it, didn't finish it. I just couldn't do anything with this book...
Maybe it's because I don't follow soccer. Maybe it's because the only male soccer player I've heard of is David Beckham, so him and his girly voice are the only things I can picture when I read this. Maybe it's because I watched Bend It Like Beckham so all the female soccer players I can imagine look like a pre-teen Keira Knightley and Parminder Nagra. I wasn't a fan of Beckham, Knightley or Nagra, and especially not in this genre, so this probably wasn't going to work out for me.

Doomed before it began - I'm shelving it for now and will try again one day. For now though, I found it slow, long-winded, and more about soccer than romance. Which would be totally cool if I was reading the soccer genre.

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