It Ain't Me, Babe (Hades Hangmen, #1) by Tillie Cole

Thursday, July 21
My rating:
5 Stars…

What I loved:

Sinning never felt so good…
A fortuitous encounter.
A meeting that should never have happened.

Many years ago, two children from completely different worlds forged a connection, a fateful connection, an unbreakable bond that would change their lives forever…

Salome knows only one way to live—under Prophet David’s rule. In the commune she calls home, Salome knows nothing of life beyond her strict faith, nor of life beyond the Fence—the fence that cages her, keeps her trapped in an endless cycle of misery. A life she believes she is destined to always lead, until a horrific event sets her free.

Fleeing the absolute safety of all she has ever known, Salome is thrust into the world outside, a frightening world full of uncertainty and sin; into the protective arms of a person she believed she would never see again.

River ‘Styx’ Nash knows one thing for certain in life—he was born and bred to wear a cut. Raised in a turbulent world of sex, Harleys, and drugs, Styx, unexpectedly has the heavy burden of the Hades Hangmen gavel thrust upon him, and all at the ripe old age of twenty-six—much to his rivals’ delight.

Haunted by a crushing speech impediment, Styx quickly learns to deal with his haters. Powerful fists, an iron jaw and the skillful use of his treasured German blade has earned him a fearsome reputation as a man not to be messed with in the shadowy world of outlaw MC’s. A reputation that successfully keeps most people far, far away.

Styx has one rule in life—never let anyone get too close. It’s a plan that he has stuck to for years, that is, until a young woman is found injured on his lot… a woman who looks uncannily familiar, a woman who clearly does not belong in his world, yet a woman he feels reluctant to let go…


Oh, sweet baby Jebus - this was awesome!

What I loved:

- The character development was perfect. Even without a huge amount of backstory (though what we are given is wonderful), I really feel that Tillie Cole has created real people. Even the peripheral characters we meet evoke emotion. Like Pit - I cried for Pit, even though we didn't get to know him that well. I knew it wasn't him, and even after the book was finished (and I've read 2 since) I still feel sad for Pit.
- Rider. TC sure knows how to manipulate my emotions! I loved Rider for ages. I know a lot of people saw the twist coming. Yeah, I was not one of those people.
- Mmmmm Styx. I need a Styx - stutter and all, he was still hot as all shit.
- The plot. I started this book at 11 at night, thinking I'd do the first few chapters. I read it all. Granted, my eyes were like sandpaper when I finished, and I was useless all the next day, but it was worth it. That is the sign of a wonderful book.

What I didn’t love:

- I thought the part at the end where the MC guys see Mae's 'sisters' was hardcore cheesy. The descriptions of each one being more beautiful than the last and each couple subtly pairing off was just... Disney.
- What happened to Pit - I was not a fan of that. But that's not a complaint about the book - if anything, I think it's a reflection of how much I loved even a small, peripheral character.


This is a dark read. The prolonged sexual, physical and emotional abuse of women, manipulation and cult stuff, death, torture, and a lot of characters who won't ever get a chance at a HEA. I like dark books, so that isn't a complaint.

Though, I have to say: I don't see how I'm going to ever be ok with Rider getting a book.

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