Week 1: I am officially a blog!

Friday, July 8

Week One is actually pretty misleading, so I wonder if that's a bad start? But starting with Week Two messes with the sequence and brings out the anal-retentive in me.

I have now been blogging for 9 days. Nine. Glorious. Days.

This part of the process has been... indulgent? Definitely fun. I've raided the treasure box that is Google to find pretty Blogger templates, I've edited code, I've moved things around, I've be-widget-ed my blog to within a bloated inch of it's new life, and then un-widget-ed (I like to think of it as Weight Watchers for my blog baby.)

So, yep - it's been super fun! I'll be honest, I could bumble along quite happily with my blog as it is. I want this for me - my little online home, filled with the things I love. Like a reflection of my heart, but out there for the world to see.

Putting it like that actually scares me a little bit.

Anyway. I could bumble along just like this, but curiousity and what-ifs are ingrained in my very soul - I can't leave well enough alone. So I'm embracing that. Nay, I'm running with it. I'm going to try and make my blog amazing and grow it as a part of my online community. I like that idea - the thought that my real-world and online friends can see this part of me and people can share in the things I love. I assume that's why everybody blogs, right? I'm fully aware I'm super late to the party, by the way.

So - what's the plan, Stan?

I'm a goal focused person. Goal oriented, as 99% of the world's resumes say. So I want to see what my blog can achieve in a year. 12 months of focusing on growing my little piece of the interwebs. 52 weeks of implementing one quality tip at a time. 365 325 days (because Christmas and weekend wines) of monitoring what works, what doesn't, and what I f7%ked up all on my own.

Where do my tips come from?

I google. I read blogs about blogs, and blogs reviewing blogs about blogs. Since books are a focal point of my blog life, I read a lot of my friends' book blogs, and share tips from Goodreads, Facebook, and all those good stuffs. I also (probably not surprisingly) read books about Social Media, Blogging and Community building. I'll add links to where I find my tip of the week, so you can share in the brain-building goodness.

And now - here I go. Guinea pigging my way to a badder, better blog. I hope you learn & grow along with me XX
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